About Us

  • Algabiome is one of India’s largest certified
    manufacturers and global exporters of a wide
    range of Microalgae based edible food
    supplements and products.
  • Our Algae-based products are extremely rich in
    protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and various
    other essential nutrients.
  • Algae is a natural and a complete solution for all our
    nutritional demands and it helps our planet to be
    healthy by consuming harmful greenhouse gases.
Algabiome Plant

Our Facility

Quality Control

Clean Process

  • Our production facility is located in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, isolated from urban society an ideal location for microalgae cultivation. The location is free from ant industrial contaminants or pollutants

  • We have highly sophisticated semi automated equipment’s for micro algae harvesting and drying process.

Quality Control

As a world class edible spirulina manufactures with consumers throughout the globe we are very much concentrated on our quality. Our quality control team performs continuous testing in the production samples to ensure the standards in our products.

algabiome Lab

Research And Development

Chlorella Research

Research Unit

Our Sophisticated R&D unit and manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu helps us deliver a high-quality product meeting all the global standards at a highly competitive price. Even though the growth of microalgae is limited due to climate conditions, our dedicated team of scientist have developed modern methods to produce large quantities of best quality Spirulina and Chlorella.


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